Born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia and later relocated in Panama, Insano has developed a unique style focused on and inspired by nature, as well as his urban surroundings. Being an animal lover and obsessed creator, Insano develops constant illustrations capturing the grace of animals he finds interesting. As a natural born artist who stumbled into the graffiti world, this artist has been challenged to be persistent and patient with himself as he focuses on polishing his work.

During the last 9 years Insano has shed a lot of hard work and has achieved national recognition in the Panamanian Art Scene. He now operates out of his own Studio and is founder and co-owner of the brand/identity CINIC.  CINIC works with artist  from all over the place and is a established print house, developing prints, apparel and gear as well as production of large scale murals. 

Insano continues to produce murals and canvas work constantly as well as several personal on-going projects. He hopes to enjoy doing this for as long as he can and is happy dude who always has paint on his clothes.